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ruido ê (2021-2023)

Credits song: Voice: Cris Blanco. Lyrics: Silvia Zayas. Music: karaoke Experiment IV. Kate Bush

Halfway between fiction and scientific exploration, ruido ê (ê noise) is a long-term artistic research-production project that works as a network. It explores the tensions between different modes of underwater perception and addresses in a speculative and experimental way the ecological problem of the sometimes fatal impact of noise on bodies, acoustic systems and orientation of marine animals. It focuses, specifically, on some species of rays (especially the electric TorpedoTorpedo), resistant species in urban underwater areas of the Catalan Mediterranean.

These are popularly called shakers, because they will make you «shake» if they give you a shock.

ruido ê operates in a knowledge “hole”: the sound impact on Torpedo rays that inhabit urban areas is unknown to science. In order to configure itself in this kind of network of agents, in addition to its slow and sustained temporality and with an accent on «speaking nearby»* and attentive to specific urban areas, ruido ê proposes a rhythmic and sound journey based on various somatic, filmic and scientific experiments based on artistic “field” (underwater) and laboratory research; and also activities open to the public and attention expansion: snorkeling, night dives, stable observatories, laboratory visits, performative activations…

It proposes private moments and other moments open to the public and will end in a series of aesthetic materials, including a film.

On an aesthetic level, this entire series of experiences is accompanied by the film production that also explores the subsequent reception and types of attention that it experiments with “seeing again”, a cinema that asks to “re-read signs” in other ways.

Getting lost in the contours, inverting figure and background. Observing and re-reading, over and over again, where the gaze is no longer placed at a distance, but acts as if it were feeling phenomena.

Starting from an exploration of diffractive methodologies and always in context, it will be accompanied by ongoing research and occasional dialogues by bioacoustics specialist Michel André (director of the Laboratori d’Aplicacions Bioacústiques, UPC, located in Vilanova i La Geltrú; and above all with the accompaniment of Catsharks, and the elasmobranch specialist Claudio Barría (I. Ciencias del Mar-CSIC and co-director of Catsharks), as well as with the dialogue with divers from sentinel observatories of species (diving schools like UW), and other casual collaborators (human or not) that will emerge during the tour, in a network in constant transformation, expansion and dialogue.

Raya de la especie TorpedoTorpedo. Espigón del W Barcelona

* This mode of research is important to this project, hearing the voice of Trin T. Mihn-ha that proposes «speaking nearby» instead of “speaking for” as a mode of doing films and being.

This project has the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, through its call “Composing knowledge to imagine and build sustainable futures 2021”.

Componer saberes para imaginar y construir futuros sostenibles 2021.


ruido ê in GRAPA residency + Public programme. CCCB, Hangar, UOC, Barcelona.

POSCAST CIENCIA FRICCIÓN EPISODIO 05. Volver al mar – Con Silvia Zayas, Cris Blanco y Paula Artés. Curated by Maria Ptqk. I Ciencia-fricción, an exhibition curated by Maria Ptqk. Azkuna Zentroa-Alhóndiga Bilbao.

Encuentros/ sesiones de trabajo con Master de Práctica Escénica y Cultura Visual (MPECV), Artea-Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid. 2021-2022

Conferencia Canal Connect

Snorkel colectivo para entrenamiento somático, organizado por ruido ê + Catsharks, y en colaboración con Underwater Barcelona y marco Brutal, La Caldera. 4 julio 2022. Area Urbana espigón del W.

13 sept- Participation in Cada capa de la atmósfera I 1 by Maria Arnal and José Luis Vicente. CCCB. Barcelona. Listen here:

This line of work began in 2020 with a project entitled ê, the results of which could be seen in a solo exhibition at Matadero Madrid. You can see the publication here